Talk Show 4

This post follows a series that began with Talk Show and was followed by Talk Show 2 and Talk Show 3, through some years.

– Have you ever wondered about the nature of affection? How does one differentiate it from a flirt or fling, or how do you separate those from an everlasting love affair? If you ever met the love of your life, would you be awake? Is there such a thing? Is love a blessing or a curse? To answer all of those question, and to keep romantics at bay, we are glad to welcome tonight’s guest: Love, please, be kind and join us!



– Love, love, love, all you need is me.

– Oh, the virtues of self-centeredness. Welcome! Thank you for joining us tonight. I can assure you that our audience have been eagerly awaiting for you to show up. Love, what can you teach us?

– That’s a tough question.

– Because we have to discover the world, venture the unknown by ourselves, in order to attain the true love, the love of oneself?

– What a primer of self-helpness, you should venture into the TED business. No, pretty much the opposite. Because I have much to teach you, although you may not enjoy that lesson.

– Why wouldn’t we? Love is a major goal to most of the people. I really think that folks would do almost anything to achieve true love.

– I would like to point out that to suggest that there is such thing as “true love” implies that there is, conversely, something like “not so true love”. That feels absurd to me. Either I’m there – and then, Love is there – or I’m not. There isn’t some thing such as a half-baked portion of love. I’m not divisible, you know. I’m whole. At the same time, I’m not generic, I am precise.

– Don’t digress. Humankind longs for your touch. How would you explain such a lasting interest? Do you see yourself as a basic feature of life? Something that has to show up in order to anyone leave a meaningful life?

– There is a medieval hype that led you people through a great deal of confusion, and I would like to try to sort that out. First things first: I think its important to point out that there is a serious misunderstanding regarding my role in life. I do enjoy life. We are actually good friends –

– That’s great, maybe you could help us to get in touch with it?

– I’m actually pretty sure that Time is at this very moment sorting that out.

– What do you mean?

– Focus, dear. Despite the fact that I seriously enjoy Life, I believe that there is a grave misunderstanding about my relationship with Life itself. I am not essential to it. Although my participation is not unusual, but is rather far away from the objectives of life. I feel closer to an incident than to a milestone.

– Most people believe that finding a special one (other than Mourinho) is an important moment of life. You would say they are wrong?

– I would say that is relevant, but not in the sense that it should be pivotal, or even a guiding objective. I am more akin to a virus, or a condition that, perchance, may fall upon you people. It can happen out of the blue, or it can be nurtured and fostered with care.

– Are you describing a sort of a relationship ethos? How should one behave in order to have a healthy love life? You either are lucky or must go through great lengths to build a romance? Is this a love-approved prescription of a good life?

– I guess that there is not anything farther from what I am trying to convey here that what you just said.

– DAMN YOU, talk about tough love.

– Don’t you see that I just compared myself to a freaking virus, and you kept going through the usual, blabbing about love as a synonym of romance, interchangeable and intrinsically connected to that? Child, let me ask you this: is it possible to have love without romance?

– I guess so. The Greek had several different terms for what we today call love. Love could be fraternal, erotic, or even familial. Maybe romantic kind of love could have features of some of them, but I guess it is safe to say that some kinds of love have nothing to do with romance. How does that fit in your viral nature?

– Funny thing, I have never thought of myself as viral, or at least not as meme. Anyway, my point here is that I am not a destiny, I am in fact a condition of life-altering opportunity. And its important for me to stress that this does not mean necessarily a life-betterment opportunity. Its just a different life that appears before you at any given point. Everytime you fall in love, you fall into my domains, you are allowing me to change you. This is basic. Let us say, for instance, that you love a book. This book has this most charming character, or this most compelling worldview. From now on, these notions will be a integral part of you, like you or not.

– And when you love someone?

– Same thing. The things they do, what they adore or deplore, it will be part of your life. Sometimes it will be part of your schedule, or maybe your dreams. Or maybe – and this are the most amazing occasions – you won’t even notice how that love has affected you. I have subtly destroyed and rebuild you anew. For better or worse.

– For Christ’s sake, I was expecting to receive Shakespeare quoting sonnets, I got Emperor Palpatine instead.

– Interesting of you to mention Shakespeare. How could possibly be that a story of a couple of teenagers that live a spectacular case of summer infatuation and in the end poison themselves to death, driving little Verona into a rampage of grief, that story could be considered a lovely story? I mean, in your happily ever after sense of love, of love as a victory march. Does that even compute in your minds? That may be a love story, but it is also a tragedy, as many love stories are. Because change invites pain, you don’t know how to assess and incorporate the newness to our lives. You adjust to new people, ideas, and you find slots in your identities and schedule for some new realities that may render the delicate balance of your lives simply skewed. And I must remind you that sometimes the reason of change leaves your life, and there are marks left behind.

– What you’re saying that pain is close to love, right? Quite sadistic, isn’t it? Or even sadomasochist? We spent centuries fashioning a gazillion of stories of love, why would we spend so much effort just to deepen ourselves into a multitude of possibilities of pain? Why would we underscore these fantasies of happiness, if we are in fact opening ourselves to the fragility and, worse, the open space left by what got injected in your life and suddenly is not there anymore? What are you, a James Bond villain?

– I am not, to this day, sure of what I am, and maybe of all my peers, I am the most unsure of why I am. What I have noticed, at this point, is that folks usually carry this sense of awe and befuddlement before which they depose their lives, carelessly, everyday. Look that shiny thing, I want it to carry it in my heart, whatever a heart may be, I want to carry it with me, whatever a me may be, I want me to be it. It may be other person, an ideology, a house pet, a precious possession. I am ignorant, and that humbles me. I am myself one of the perplexed. My stories are stories of carelessness, of venturing the unexpected, and what happens next. This constant adaptation is a feature of life. I mean, not that many people try to escape it, but it takes a lot of effort to flee from your desires. And there is the paradox that that is a desire in itself.

– It seems to me pretty reasonable choice to avoid this mixture of pain and love at all costs. Life is hard by itself, without the whole brouhaha twisting your priorities and kicking your emotional stability to the moon. Is there any silver lining for us? I must confess you that my previous guests left me more optimist, while you seem to be taking your time to make sure I do not leave this interview with unnecessary hopes.

– There may be ups and downs, honey, and my role here is not to guarantee your happiness. If you’re paying attention, that is not what you should expect from me. I am here to remind you that there are shiny things that will destroy you and build you anew. This is me, and I sincerely hope you enjoy most of the new yous.


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